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Range of Tooling Technology Services


Here we are able to take over all requirements in-house, from the methodology through to the production handover at the operator's premises. We are supported in this by our collaborative partners at home and abroad. In this way, we can offer the independent installation of
tools with a width of up to 4500 mm and a pressing force of up to 3000 tons, amongst other things.

Manufacture of New Tools
Here we are not only able to deploy our employees on the customer's premises but
are also able to assemble and install the tools ourselves, thanks to our collaborative
partners who have cranes and spotting presses, amongst other things.

Tool Installation
In addition to providing individual employees to support an existing team,
we are also able to take on complete projects from the delivery of individual tools to
the handover of manufacturing equipment to a subsequent operator at home or abroad.

Tool Maintenance
We do not just see ourselves as an external company supporting you in your press shop, but in addition our experienced employees also look for weaknesses in your company and
try to increase productivity through their own ideas in order to improve your corporate profits
in the long term.